WTBU Sports Fantasy Football: Week 4 Power Rankings

Entering Week 3, the WTBU Sports Fantasy League had five undefeated teams. Now that number has dropped to just one. With some of the heavyweights taking losses, some of the lower ranked teams having great weeks, and a couple of major upsets, let’s look at the Week 4 power rankings for the league.

#10 Hannah’s Bananas (2-1) Hannah Yoshinaga [Last Week: 7]

Added: TE Logan Thomas (Free Agency)


From the No. 1 pick to the bottom of the Rankings, Hannah’s team completes the tumble from the fourth ranked team to tenth entering Week 4. This sojourn at the No. 10 spot will likely not last long, but the COVID-19 outbreak within the Titans team and the subsequent postponement of their game against Pittsburgh affects no one as hard as it affects Hannah’s team.

She will play this week without James Conner, Diontae Johnson, Jonnu Smith and A.J. Brown. Combine that with the lukewarm performances of Matthew Stafford and Antonio Gibson facing a lethal Ravens’ defense this week, and Hannah’s team has a very tall mountain to climb against The Phillips Heads. Two major positives are the return of George Kittle and the potential return of Julio Jones to the lineup. Unfortunately, that won’t help her team enough with four key starters out this week.

#9 The Ladies Love Sosi (1-2) — Perry Sosi [Last Week: 8]

Added: Rams D/ST (Waivers)

Dropped: Browns D/ST (Waivers)

Perry’s team has improved in each successive week of the season, but most of his starters have their good weeks when others struggle mightily. This past week, Allen Robinson II, and the surprisingly productive Matt Prater and Browns’ defense performed very well while Cam Newton, Terry McLaurin and his whole core of RBs other than Ezekiel Elliot struggled. Until his individual players all succeed in the same week, the 128.7 points from last week look like Perry’s team’s ceiling.

#8 Baby Chark (1-2) — Ethan Fuller [Last Week: 9]

Added: RB Darrell Henderson Jr. (Free Agency), K Mason Crosby (Free Agency), WR Brandon Aiyuk (Free Agency)

Dropped: RB Malcom Brown (Waivers), K Younghoe Koo (Waivers), WR Michael Pittman Jr. (Waivers)

Ethan’s team continues to take hit after hit with players lost. He’s already lost Lamar Jackson, Jonathan Taylor, Saquon Barkley and Courtland Sutton either to injuries or lopsided trades. Still, his team had its best week yet with Josh Allen scoring five touchdowns, Austin Ekeler once again becoming the core of the Chargers’ offense and Michael Gallup going off and showing great chemistry with Dak Prescott. Those three scored nearly 90 points together.

However, the rest of his depth looks very inconsistent. Michael Thomas is still questionable to play this week, Noah Fant will be getting targets from a third-string QB in Brett Rypien, and the Steelers’ stout defense will not play this week due to the cancellation of their game. Ethan’s team looks very boom or bust this week against a strong Philadelphia Pigeons team.

#7 The Flavortown Trash Can Lids (1-2) — Akshai Wadhwani [Last Week: 10]

Added: WR Russell Gage (Free Agency), RB Rex Burkhead (Waivers)

Dropped: RB Tarik Cohen (Waivers)

Akshai’s top-five players all fired on all cylinders last week. Aaron Rodgers carved up the Saints’ defense. Todd Gurley II had his first strong performance with his new team. Nick Chubb crushed the Washington Football Team’s defense. Juju Smith-Schuster had a solid week against Houston, and Tyler Lockett caught three TDs in a huge performance against Dallas.

However, Tyler Higbee and Julian Edelman struggled, Mike Davis sat on the bench, and the Patriots’ defense faces the top offense in Kansas City this week. On top of that, Akshai will be without Smith-Schuster this week if the Steelers’ game remains postponed. Whichever of his WRs he starts instead will likely be way better or way worse than projected. Fortunately, a matchup with The Ladies Love Sosi is an easier one for this tough week,

#6 The Phillips Heads [Formerly The Catalina Wine Mixon] (0-3) — Joe Pohoryles [Last Week: 3]

Added: Cardinals D/ST (Free Agency), WR Justin Jefferson (Waivers), RB Adrian Peterson (Waivers), K Stephen Gostkowski (Waivers)

Dropped: Chargers D/ST (Waivers), WR N’Keal Harry (Waivers), RB Devonta Freeman (Waivers), K Greg Zuerlein (Waivers)

How much more bad luck can Joe encounter? After Sunday’s slate of games, Joe released the following announcement regarding his team:

“I have officially changed my team name to “The Phillips Heads,” because I keep getting screwed.”

This is a shockingly true statement from Joe, as he consistently scores 140 points and loses. Having to face the leagues’ best team in Senior on JV in Week 1, and then The Philadelphia Pigeons and The Trash Can Lids in weeks where their whole teams catch fire is a really rough stretch to go through.

Despite all of this, Russell Wilson, D.K. Metcalf and Chris Carson (if he plays) should have a field day against the Dolphins. Amari Cooper, Joe Mixon and Raheem Mostert (if he gets back to 100% and Joe starts him) all face equally favorable matchups. All told, Joe has lots of good pieces to work with and a favorable matchup against Hannah’s Bananas that should finally get Joe his first win.

#5 New York Danny Dimes (2-1) — Daniel Multz [Last Week: 5]

Added: Bears D/ST (Week 3 Waivers, later dropped), TE Austin Hooper (Waivers), Broncos D/ST (Week 4 Waivers), WR Allen Lazard (Free Agency)

Dropped: Saints D/ST, WR Sterling Shepard (Waivers), WR Laviska Shenault Jr. (Waivers)

My team looks very opposite to my original analysis. With 135 to 140 points per week, my team has been anything but boom or bust, even if Baby Chark put up their best week to hand me my first loss. The fact remains that I possess the third-highest scoring squad in the league, and every player there has flashed their high-scoring potential (just never in the same week).

Dak Prescott continues to pack on the points even if the Cowboys lose, James Robinson looks like a workhorse RB and a Grade-A fantasy steal for me, and I somehow still have great strength on my bench with Myles Gaskin, Allen Lazard, CeeDee Lamb and too many other WRs. This level of depth makes deciding who to start very difficult, and that cost me last week. Hopefully I’ve made the right choices this week, and Josh Jacobs and Mark Andrews bounce back to create a lethal set of weapons against The Jackson 9.

#4 The Jackson 9 (2-1) — Brady Gardner [Last Week: 2]

Added: RB Leonard Fournette (Trade from 9/24), TE Dalton Schultz (Trade from 9/26), RB Philip Lindsay (Waivers)

Dropped: WR Keenan Allen (Trade from 9/24), WR Jerry Jeudy (Trade from 9/26), RB J.K. Dobbins (Waivers)

Brady’s team looked completely out of whack last week against The Suh-Tang Clan. Only Chris Godwin, Deandre Hopkins and the Buccaneers’ defense even met their projections. He chose to start Leonard Fournette over David Johnson, Lamar Jackson put up possibly the worst game of his NFL career, and he lost some usually expectable points from Harrison Butker.

The good news is many of his players, including Jackson, Hopkins and A.J. Green, face very favorable matchups this week. However, Darren Waller is coming off a terrible week against New England, and Godwin might miss Week 4 with a hamstring injury. Brady will need those players, and definitely the rest of his squad, to step up against my team which has consistently put up nearly 140 points per week.

#3 Philadelphia Pigeons (1-2) — Ben Silver [Last Week: 6]

Added: WR Keenan Allen (Trade from 9/24), TE Jordan Reed (Waivers)

Dropped: RB Leonard Fournette (Trade from 9/24), TE Rob Gronkowski (Waivers)

Ben’s team keeps getting better and better, even if the results aren’t always showing it. The production he gets from his bench nearly matches the quality of the production he gets from his starters. He has yet to prove that 170 points in Week 2 was not a mirage, but consider that last week he put up 125 points while having Kareem Hunt and Keenan Allen on his bench.

What do those two players have in common? Ben acquired them in trades with The Danny Dimes and The Jackson 9. On top of everything, his selection of Nick Foles may actually yield results this season.

Kyler Murray had a strong fantasy week despite three picks and a Cardinals’ loss, and Tyreek Hill, Stefon Diggs and Zach Ertz continue to flash their upsides. Further, he looks to keep D.J. Moore, Will Fuller V and Melvin Gordon III on his bench. As long as Hunt and Miles Sanders are healthy this week, everything else should click in a favorable matchup against Baby Chark.

#2 Suh-Tang Clan (2-1) — Patrick Donnelly [Last Week: 4]

Added: WR Jerry Jeudy (Trade from 9/26)

Dropped: TE Dalton Schultz (Trade from 9/26)

Patrick’s team was fully boom or bust last week, and it has been through the first three weeks. From Dalvin Cook and Robert Woods both exceeding twenty points and Patrick Mahomes annihilating the strong Ravens’ defense for 40 points, to Kenyan Drake, Jarvis Landry and the Bills’ defense putting up single-digit points.

Fortunately, his team looks to continue the upward trend in Week 4. He smartly benched Evan Engram this week in favor of the budding T.J. Hockenson. Davante Adams could be a game-changer if he suits up for a easy game against the Falcons’ weak secondary. Finally, many of his players face equally easy opponents in week 4.

The one major downside to Patrick’s team is something completely out of his control: who he’s facing this week. With the top team in the league in Senior on JV waiting, Patrick’s team might need a ridiculous week to dethrone the lone undefeated team. However, the reason Pat sits at No. 2 is that such an upset is entirely possible.

#1 Senior on JV (3-0) — Chad Jones [Last Week: 1]



There can be no question regarding the top team in the rankings. Chad’s team remains on fire after another incredible week. Led by Alvin Kamara, who looks like the top fantasy RB through three weeks, Chad also got another insane week from the Colts Defense and Wil Lutz. On top of all of that, his receivers all had a slightly below-average week, and Deshaun Watson still doesn’t look quite right at the QB position.

Despite all of that, Chad is averaging 172.4 points per week. With 517 points scored, he has over 100 total points more than The Phillips Heads who rank second with 413. A Week 4 opponent in The Suh-Tang Clan makes for a great matchup, but right now it seems as though no team can stop Chad.

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