MAsketball Episode 4 – Aaron Cooley

By: Ethan Fuller

Welcome to the newest podcast in the WTBU Sports network – MAsketball!

In my time as a reporter and resident, I’ve discovered that basketball in the Bay State doesn’t get the coverage it deserves. When most people think of basketball in Massachusetts, they evoke memories of the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, and the history of the Boston Celtics.

But modern basketball culture is just as rich as ever. I set out to talk to some of the state’s most influential basketball figures to understand their stories and their perspectives on the local hoops scene.

Aaron Cooley is an athletic scoring guard and a top ten player in the state of Massachusetts. He also is the founder of Believe In Ourselves (BIO) Productions — his own sports media and film company.

Cooley takes tremendous pride in his Roxbury roots and local hoops, and I was ecstatic to talk about his thoughts on basketball’s role in the community. We also discussed growing up as a Lakers fan in Massachusetts, his goals in film and basketball, and more.

Click on the title below to listen to MAsketball on Spotify, or find the episodes on Apple Podcasts and Anchor.

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