The Jerseys of WTBU Sports: Part Two

The WTBU Sports staff comes from various sports hubs around the country and the globe. With that comes different cultures, fandoms and… jerseys. Jerseys, sweaters, kits, whatever they are to you, offer a glimpse into our journeys as sports fans. Some are treasured, some are completely random and others are, well, cringey.

I polled some of our former staff, asking for their favorite jerseys, most obscure jerseys, their biggest jersey regret, and which jersey they are on the hunt for next for this photo essay. Be sure to check out Part One. Here is Part Two:

Matt Dresens BU’19, ’20 – Former Hockey Writer, Broadcaster; Medfield, MA:

Favorite: Danny Amendola, New England Patriots (Super Bowl XLIX/LI):


“I think he was one if the more underrated players on those Patriots teams, and I tend to try and get jerseys of guys who aren’t the best player or ones you just don’t see a lot.”

Biggest Regret/Most Obscure: 

Ken Walter (!3). (Photo: CBS Sports Boston)

“When I was in grade school I had a ton of NFL jerseys. My mom made me get rid of a lot of them, so I think the biggest regret is probably not finding a way to keep more of them. Included in that group was a Ken Walter jersey. Don’t remember him? Go back and watch any of Adam Vinatieri’s famous kicks… yeah, he was the holder.”

Boston University Hockey Collection:


“For a bunch of years I would try and get jerseys of BU guys, here’s a few I have: [from left to right] Brandon Yip, Colorado Avalanche; Kevin Shattenkirk, St. Louis Blues; Matt Grzelcyk, USA World Junior Championship; John McCarthy, San Jose Sharks; Colin Wilson, Nashville Predators; Ahti Oksanen, Finland; John Curry, Pittsburgh Penguins; Ryan Whitney, Penguins; David Van Der Guilk, BU; Whitney, Oilers; Matt Gilroy, New York Rangers; Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson, BU.”

At the top of my wishlist: Ty Law, New England Patriots (Super Bowl XXXVI):

(Photo: Nancy Kerrigan / Getty Images)

“If I can get one, and I’ve been looking for a while for it, a Ty Law Super Bowl 36 jersey. But it has to be authentic. I don’t want the screen printed or cheap stitched one. The hunt goes on.”

Brian Lombardo BU’19 – Former Hockey Editor; Everett, MA:

Favorite: Everett High School Crimson Tide (Red)


“There’s a lot of memories (and stink) in that jersey. It’s a pretty cool logo of the Crimson Tide, and having a personalized name plate always grants bonus points.”

Most Obscure: Mike Napoli, Boston Red Sox (2013 World Series, Away)


“The 2013 Red Sox were far and away my favorite team of all time. The #GetBeard was another version of Cowboy Up, and this time I was 16 for a World Series instead of 7. Napoli wasn’t a huge draw to fans either, but because I played first base I was drawn to Red Sox who played the position. Who doesn’t love a bearded dude that mashes homers?”

Biggest Regret: Ryan Nugent Hopkins, Edmonton Oilers (2011-17 Home)


“When I was a freshman in high school I adopted the Edmonton Oilers as my non-hometown team I cheered for. I bought NHL center ice and watched every Oilers game with my buddy (until we realized Edmonton was two hours behind), and we couldn’t stay awake past the second intermission. So it kind of became a tough purchase that stopped getting used. Although I’m a big fan of the bright Oilers colors.”

At the top of my wishlist: Vlad Guerrero, Montreal Expos (2001-04 Batting Practice)


“Vintage team, absolutely monster of a player, great logo. Tough to go wrong.”

Greg Levinsky BU’20 – Former Basketball Editor; Portland, ME:

Favorite: Marco Hernandez, Boston Red Sox (Jackie Robinson Day, game-worn)


“I found this at Red Sox Christmas at Fenway for $25.”

Biggest Regret: “Just some low quality one from Ali Express. Just some bad quality [jersey]. I don’t have much.”

Most Obscure: Dee Bost, Monaco (Signed)


At the top of my wishlist: Luka Doncic, Slovenia

Source: Getty Images

Nikola Jokic, Serbia

(Photo: Zhizhao Wu / Getty Images)

“Top of wish list right now is probably either a Nikola Jokic, Serbia, or a Luka Doncic, Slovenia.”

Matt Doherty BU’19 – Former Co-Director; Wakefield, MA

Favorite: Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos (Navy Alternate)


“It’s Tebow Time, all the time.”

Most Obscure: Danny Woodhead, New England Patriots (Away)


“I asked for a Steven Ridley jersey that Christmas and got Danny Woodhead instead. Random either way.”

Biggest Regret: Johnny Manziel, Cleveland Browns (Home)


“I stole this jersey from my friend freshman year of college. Four years later and Manziel hasn’t played an organized football game in three years”

Liam O’Brien BU’19 – Former Broadcaster; Newton, MA:

Favorite: Stephon Gilmore, New England Patriots (Home)


“This is my Sunday favorite and one of my most prized thrift shop pickups. Found it for $30 at the Buffalo Exchange in Allston.”

Most Obscure: Justin Blackmon, Jacksonville Jaguars (Black Alternate)


“I’m assuming there are not many of these in New England. Picked up this one for $12 at another Allston second hand store, the now-defunct Urban Renewals (RIP). Any black NFL alternate jersey is a winner in my book.  “
Biggest Regret: Jordan Matthews, Philadelphia Eagles (Home)
“I feel sympathy for the teams that have employed Matthews during his career given that my investment in him also did not pay off. I succumbed to paying $100 for this jersey at the Modell’s on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia before attending an Eagles-Seahawks game in 2014. It has been buried in the back of my closet since.”

At the top of my wishlist: Michael Vick, Pittsburgh Steelers (Home)

Source: USA Today
“I have always loved Pittsburgh’s black-and-yellow combination, and I’m impressed when I see someone wearing a jersey of a former superstar from a team you may have forgotten they ever played for. An Emmitt Smith Cardinals jersey or a Randy Moss 49ers thread are other nominees for this category.”

The selections of these five former WTBU Sports members are just a sample of vast jersey collections that have been built up over the years, and there’s more to come from WTBU past and present. Be on the look out for Part Three of this photo essay, coming later this week. In the meantime, you can check out Part One here. We’d also like to here from you! Reply in the comments with some of your choices for these four categories.

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Author: Patrick Donnelly

Patrick is a junior majoring in journalism and minoring in public relations at Boston University’s College of Communication. Patrick is a co-director and the hockey editor at WTBU Sports. He aims to cover the NHL and the Boston Bruins for a living and to become a hockey insider. From Lynn, Massachusetts, Patrick is a graduate of Malden Catholic High School (’18) and is a huge Boston sports fan, avid golfer, and hockey fanatic. His favorite teams and athletes include, the Bruins, the New England Patriots, Tiger Woods, and Mark Scheifele. Co-host of the podcast, The Duck Boat Report, at WTBU Sports, and writer for Black ‘N Gold Hockey. He writes columns on the PGA, Bruins, and NHL for WTBU Sports. Patrick is also a Francis Ouimet Scholar. Find his author page at WTBU Sports, follow him on Twitter @PatDonn12, and check out his portfolio (

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