The Jerseys of WTBU Sports: Part One

The WTBU Sports staff comes from various sports hubs around the country and the globe. With that comes different cultures, fandoms and… jerseys. Jerseys, sweaters, kits, whatever they are to you, offer a glimpse into our journeys as sports fans. Some are treasured, some are completely random and others are, well, cringey.

I polled some of our staff, asking for their favorite jerseys, most obscure jerseys, their biggest jersey regret, and which jersey they are on the hunt for next for this photo essay. Here is Part One:

Patrick Donnelly – Hockey Editor; Lynn, MA:

Favorite: Mark Scheifele, Winnipeg Jets (2019 Heritage Classic)


Look, I’m a sucker for throwback jerseys, and I was a big fan of the white version of this jersey the Jets came out with for the 2016 Heritage Classic. When they came out with these navies for the 2019 Classic, I was hooked instantly, and I’m of the mind the two throwbacks should be Winnipeg’s full-time kits. This sweater takes the cake for me as I think Mark Scheifele is one of the more underrated players in the NHL – he’s one of my favorite non-Bruins players – and I simply can’t take my eyes off it when it’s on my wall.

Most Obscure: Gritty, Philadelphia Flyers (Home)


This was a Christmas gift from my roommates as part of an inside joke – I dominate with Gritty in the “Ones Now” game mode of EA Sports’ NHL20. Although, given the nature of Gritty and that he’s, well, a mascot, this goes down as my most random jersey.

Biggest Regret: Josh Gordon, New England Patriots (Away)


I was all in on Josh Gordon when he was with the Patriots – I thought he had cleaned himself up and with Tom Brady throwing him the ball, was headed for success similar to his 2013 year. Shamelessly, I have gotten several jerseys from a well-known knockoff website, and I’ve had like a 99.99% success rate – this is the .01%. The jersey was delivered the day the Pats cut Gordon, and to make matters worse, the back name plate is incredibly crooked. This is one I’d like to have a do-over with.

At the top of my wishlist: Jeremy Swayman, University of Maine (Away)

Jeremy Swayman
Photo: (AP Photo / Steve Luciano)

I think Maine might have the best jerseys in college hockey. The navy and Columbia blue combo is absolutely sublime, easily one of the best color combos ever. I’ve been wanting a Maine jersey for a bit, and I’ve been torn between a legend like Paul Kariya, or a prominent current player, like Jeremy Swayman. After the dominant 2019-20 Swayman had in net and as a possible heir to the Boston’s Tuukka Rask, he seems an obvious choice, although nothing is stopping me from getting a Kariya sweater down the line.

Dylan Woods – Podcaster; Woburn, MA:

Favorite: Malcolm Butler, New England Patriots (Home)


“My favorite jersey is my Malcolm Butler Patriots jersey. Until I have a kid, or maybe still after that, Butler’s interception in the Super Bowl is the best moment of my life and his jersey represents that lasting memory.”

Most Obscure: Michael Carter-Williams, Philadelphia 76ers (Red Alternate)

(Photo: Rocky Widner / Getty Images)

“For whatever reason, I got a Michael Carter-Williams 76ers jersey back in his rookie year. Thankfully, I don’t have it anymore. And if I did, I’d probably be the only one.”

Biggest Regret: Jeff Green, Boston Celtics (Away)

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 4.17.54 PM.png

“I’m usually pretty picky with the jerseys I get, so most of the time I don’t have any buyer’s remorse. But I did also buy a Jeff Green Celtics jersey. That’s my version of giving up a bloop single to break up the no-hitter in the 8th inning.”

At the top of my wishlist: Boston Bruins


“I’ve never had a Bruins jersey, so it would be cool to rock one of those sweaters. It would be tough to wear in the summer when the Bruins play in the Stanley Cup every year, but discomfort is a fair tradeoff for success.”

Joe Pohoryles; Beat Reporter; Rockville, MD:

Favorites: Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals (2011 Winter Classic)


“I can’t pick just one, so I’ll go with these two. Ovi is one of my favorite players, and I love this throwback look. Plus, the Caps beat the Penguins with these in the 2011 Winter Classic, so there’s plenty of reasons to like it.”

Sean Taylor, Washington Redskins (Home)


“For the other jersey, it’s more about the player than the look. After owning McNabb, RG3 and Alfred Morris Redskins jerseys, I take comfort in knowing this Redskins legend’s jersey will never become obsolete. RIP #21. (My actual Taylor jersey is still in my dorm, but it’s the same burgundy jersey.)”

Most Obscure: Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans (2003-2018 Alternate)


“My favorite position in football is running back, so I chose between two of my favorites at the time: Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson, fresh off his 2,000 yard season. I short-sightedly opted for CJ2k, and wore it probably three or four times total. I’d call this a regret too.”

Biggest Regret: Donovan McNabb, Washington Redskins (Home)


“This one speaks for itself. I can’t remember if I specifically asked for it, or just got it as a gift, but I’d like to put that one back on the retail shelf.”

At the top of my wishlist: Juan Soto, Washington Nationals (Blue Alternate)

(Photo: Toni L. Sandys / The Washington Post via Getty Images)

“My current Nats jersey collection consists of Max Scherzer and Anthony Rendon (both home red), so with the latter’s departure I could use a new one in the rotation. Why not the franchise’s most exciting player in the jersey he just won the World Series in?”

Brady Gardner – Podcast Manager; Foxborough, MA:

Favorite: Tom Brady, New England Patriots (Home)


“I can’t believe this is now a jersey of a former Patriot, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable to me. It’s not flashy or unique, but it’s my favorite because of the many great memories I’ve had wearing it over the years. When I find this jersey at the bottom of a box in 50 years, I’m sure those memories will all come right back.”

Most Obscure: Steve Climo, Brown University (1986-87 Away)


“I think this jersey has a chance to be the strangest on this list. My dad was Brown’s team manager for the ’86-’87 season when Steve Climo was the captain, and at the end of the season, he took this jersey home with him. Climo never became anything in the pros, but I still think the story alone makes it a pretty cool jersey to own.”

Biggest Regret: Patrice Bergeron, Boston Bruins (Golden Edition)


“This jersey had so much potential when I came across it scrolling through pages of jerseys online. I’ve always loved the Bruins’ variety of jerseys, and this seemed like a simple but stylish look. It is, but in that simplicity, it just seems to lack something. I have since ordered a new Bruins jersey, so I guess that tells you that I wasn’t totally satisfied with this one.”

At the top of my wishlist: Raphael Devers, Red Sox (Red Alternate)

Messages Image(716102025).jpeg
(Photo: Maddie Meyer / Getty Images)

“I’ve always loved the red alternates that the Red Sox wear at home on Fridays, and a couple months ago, this jersey with Brock Holt’s number 12 would have been a dream. Since Holt’s no longer around, I would be more than happy to settle for Raphael Devers’ number 11 – a number I wore through much of my little league career. He’s an explosive young player who has fun on the field, and I’m excited to see him turn this into his team as he develops.”

Ethan Fuller – Co-Director; New Castle, NH:

Favorite: Andrew Wiggins, Cleveland Cavaliers (2010-17 Away)


“Andrew Wiggins, for better or for worse, is my favorite basketball player, and I always saw a Cavaliers jersey as a holy grail of sorts for a Wiggins fan. He never played a single game for Cleveland, and the franchise offered refunds for customers when he was dealt in summer 2014. I spent months trying to find an authentic jersey online and finally tracked down a seller on eBay to get this.”

Most Obscure: P.J. Dozier, Boston Celtics (Game-Worn, Home)


“I take tremendous pride in my selection of cheap, obscure jerseys, but this game-worn P.J. Dozier jersey tops them all. I bought this at the Celtics’ courtside yard-sale they hold at an open preseason practice every year for (ironically) $50. He only played in six contests as a two-way player for Boston, but I’ve always liked Dozier’s game and will vouch for him as an NBA talent.”

Biggest Regret: Aaron Dobson, New England Patriots (Home)


“I do not regret owning an Aaron Dobson jersey — I just regret the unfortunate way his football career panned out. I thought Dobson, a 2013 second-round pick by the Patriots, would become a star wideout and a top option for Tom Brady. He showed flashes, but drops, inconsistency and injuries knocked him out of New England, and he never really recovered.”

At the top of my wishlist: Daisuke Matsuzaka, Boston Red Sox (Home)

(Photo: Jim Davis / Boston Globe)

“‘Dice-K’ is my favorite Red Sox player ever, and really my first favorite stick-and-ball athlete. His personality and unique style made him fun to watch on the Red Sox, and even though his career was fairly short, he helped win a World Series in 2007. I do not own a Red Sox jersey, and as a BU student and former Fenway dorm resident, I probably should. Matsuzaka would be my top choice.”

The selections of these five WTBU Sports members are just a sample of vast jersey collections that have been built up over the years, and there’s more to come from WTBU past and present. Be on the look out for Part Two of this photo essay, coming later this week. In the meantime, we’d like to here from you! Reply in the comments with some of your choices for these four categories.

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Author: Patrick Donnelly

Patrick is a junior majoring in journalism and minoring in public relations at Boston University’s College of Communication. Patrick is a co-director and the hockey editor at WTBU Sports. He aims to cover the NHL and the Boston Bruins for a living and to become a hockey insider. From Lynn, Massachusetts, Patrick is a graduate of Malden Catholic High School (’18) and is a huge Boston sports fan, avid golfer, and hockey fanatic. His favorite teams and athletes include, the Bruins, the New England Patriots, Tiger Woods, and Mark Scheifele. Co-host of the podcast, The Duck Boat Report, at WTBU Sports, and writer for Black ‘N Gold Hockey. He writes columns on the PGA, Bruins, and NHL for WTBU Sports. Patrick is also a Francis Ouimet Scholar. Find his author page at WTBU Sports, follow him on Twitter @PatDonn12, and check out his portfolio (

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