Podcasts: Fair or Foul S02 E05: We’ve Arrived at the World Series

As the Astros and Nationals take today off to get ready for Game 3 in our nation’s capital, Daniel and Jacob are joined by a special guest star for episode 5 of season 2! The trio break down everything there is to know about the ALCS and NLCS before previewing the 2019 World Series and what the Astros and Nationals will have to do in order to win it all. It’s a stacked episode that you won’t want to miss

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Check it out here:

Season 2 Episode 5

Here is the lineup for Episode 5

Leading Off: We have a special guest joining us on the podcast today

Batting Second: The Yankees fought hard but came up short

Batting Third: The Cardinals’ get steamrolled after a great NLDS comeback!

Rounding out the Order: How Washington can overcome the heavily-favored Astros


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