Podcasts: Fair or Foul S2 E4: Division Series Recap

In this episode of Fair or Foul, Daniel, Jacob and Ben are taking a look at each of the four division series that just wrapped up in MLB.

From the Yankees’ blowout of the Twins to Houston’s five-game fight with Tampa Bay to the two upsets that occurred in the National League, this was a stacked round of Playoff baseball and the Fair or Foul trio is here to fill you in on everything!

Check it out here:

Season 2 Episode 4

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Here is the lineup for Episode 4

Leading Off: The Yankees completely overpowered the Twins

Batting Second: The Rays gave the Astros a fight but Houston prevailed

Batting Third: The Braves took the Cardinals to 5 games but looked doomed from the start

Batting Fourth: The Nationals won a playoff series and dethroned the NL’s heavyweight

Rounding out Today’s Lineup: A quick ALCS preview as New York and Houston prepare for a stacked rematch

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