Podcasts: Fair or Foul Episode 8 – “He Who Shall Not Be Named”


In this extended episode of Fair or Foul, Daniel, Jacob and Ben are joined by WTBU Sports Co-Director Matt Doherty as they all break down their player of the month candidates. Each man brings a player, pitcher and rookie of the month candidate, along with a disappointing player of the month, and have hair-raising debates about each candidate.

This is accompanied by a tallying of Maikel Franco references by Ben, hot takes from everyone and a especially juicy conclusion featuring elongated and entertaining rants about what’s going on in the baseball world. This comedic whirlwind of a podcast episode is one you don’t wanna miss. Check it out here!

Episode 8

0:00 We Welcome Matt Doherty to Fair or Foul

0:58 Ben Kicks Off the Player of the Month Debate

14:57 Ben Then Kicks Off Pitchers of the Month with The MOST “PHILLY FAN HOT TAKE” EVER

27:37 Daniel Starts off Rookies of the Month

36:16 Matt’s Got a Hot Take for Disappointing Player of the Month

48:28 Ben’s Got a Problem with the Baseballs, Matt’s Concerned With the Low Attendance, Jacob Loves Tim Anderson and Daniel Loves CC Sabathia



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