Podcasts: Beantown Banter Ep. 31 – “There will be a Game 7”

Brady and Patrick are here to bring you everything you need to know in the realm of Boston sports! First, the Celtics have swept the Pacers; our thoughts on a potential matchup with the Bucks. Next, there’s a lot to unpack from Games 4 through 6 between the Bruins and Leafs. There will be a Game 7. Then, are the Red Sox back? Fourth, a “SparkNotes” Patriots draft preview. Lastly, Patrick’s quick takes on the rest of the NHL playoffs.

0:00 The Celtics have swept the Pacers. Are they hitting their stride? Thoughts on the Bucks?

10:!5 Unpacking eveything that happened in Games 4 through 6 between the Bruins and the Leafs. What’s goalie interference? There will be a Game 7. What is your worst fear for Game 7?

33:23 The Red Sox *look* like they’re back on track. Nate Eovaldi is now hurt.

42:34 The Patriots will open their season versus the Steelers and signed Demaryius Thomas. Some names to keep an eye on at the NFL Draft on Thursday.

56:20 Before Patrick has to sprint to class he gives some of his thoughts on the scene around the rest of the NHL Playoffs.

Author: Patrick Donnelly

Patrick is a freshman studying journalism at Boston University’s College of Communication. A graduate of Malden Catholic High School (’18). Patrick is a huge Boston sports fan and avid golfer, his favorite teams and athletes include, the Boston Bruins, the New England Patriots, Rory McIlroy, and Tiger Woods. Co-host of the podcast, Beantown Banter, at WTBU Sports. Covers the PGA, NHL, and Boston Bruins in columns and is a Women's Hockey beat writer for WTBU Sports. Formerly co-hosted podcasts and wrote for the blogs, 617 Sportsnet, Beantown Sportshub, and Game Time Sports Network. He aims to one day be a sports-talk radio host in Boston. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @PatDonn12.

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