Podcasts: Fair or Foul Episode 6 – “Fire and Ice”

Seattle Mariners at Baltimore Orioles August 4, 2013
Photo by Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons

After a short break, Jacob, Ben and Daniel are back to bring you Ep. 6 of “Fair or Foul”. In this podcast they’re breaking down who’s hot and who’s not as we’ve now completed three weeks of the MLB season. The conclude the show with a heated discussion of what’s been bothering them in the baseball world.

Check all that out BELOW:

Episode 6

0:00: Who’s hot: teams

17:58: Who’s not: teams

24:46 Who’s hot: players

31:48: Who’s not: players

36:05: Ben goes off on Asdrubal Cabrera

37:51: Jacob shows his frustration with Ozzie Albies’ extension

42:20: Daniel is dumbfounded as to why Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel are still unsigned!

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