Softball: 20 Questions with Jen Horita

By: Greg Levinsky

A starter in the outfield for most of her collegiate career, sophomore Jen Horita can be seen tracking down batted balls and swiping bases. The San Mateo, Calif. native took time to answer a variety of questions with WTBU Sports.

When did you start playing softball?

I think when I was 5.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

I did gymnastics for a couple years. I played basketball – a lot. Played volleyball in the fifth grade and I did track and field from sixth to eighth grade.

What is your proudest athletic moment?

Probably committing to play here and playing here currently.

Jen Horita congratulated by assistant coach Becca Carden after reaching base. Photo by Greg Levinsky

What are you studying? Career aspirations?

I’m in the Questrom School of Business, and I haven’t decided a concentration yet, but I’m thinking about marketing.

Who is the biggest inspiration for your softball career?

I’d probably say my dad. My dad was super athletic growing up and he was always there to push me and practice with me when I was younger.

Horita laying down a bunt. Photo by Greg Levinsky

What other schools were you considering? Why did you choose Boston University?

Some of the other schools that I looked at were UPenn and Colgate. I chose BU because I came here and loved the campus. I loved that it was in a big city. And I met coach, met all the players and I loved them. They were all awesome, and it seemed like a really fun atmosphere and place to come.

If you had to choose one teammate to be stranded on a desert island with, who would it be and why?

I’m going to say Madi [Killebrew]. Madi seems like a very mom-like, resourceful person that could probably keep me alive for a good amount of time.

Coming from California, where the majority of the team is from, did you play with any of your current BU teammates growing up?

Yeah, Marina [Sylvestri]. So, me and Marina, we’ve been on the same teams since we were eight. We went to the same middle school together. We didn’t go to the same high school, but we played for the same travel team.

Who is your favorite athlete?

Skylar Diggins. Played basketball at Notre Dame, super pretty, super athletic. She was a stud. I really loved her as a kid.

Favorite musical artist?

I’m really into Ella Mai right now. She has some really good stuff.

What’s your at-bat song and why?

My walk-up song is Sicko Mode (Travis Scott). I think it has a good beat drop, so I think it really sets the tone.

What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you on the softball field?

I’ve tripped and fallen a couple times. I bunted a ball and I was running, and I totally fell on my face going down to first base. But I got up, and somehow the girl messed it up enough that I was still safe.

Why did you choose to wear No. 14?

OK, embarrassing story. When I was younger I really loved High School Musical, and I though Troy Bolton was the cutest guy ever. He was number 14 in the movie which is why I chose number 14.

What other BU sports do you like to support?

BU basketball. I have a lot of friends on both teams. Tenisha [Pressley] who is on the [women’s] basketball team is my roommate, so I really like to go out and support them.

Who is your funniest teammate?

I would probably say Julia [Handfield]. Julia’s pretty funny.

What is your biggest fear?

Being kidnapped. Yep, don’t like it.

Do you have any softball superstitions?

I always put my uniform on the same way. I always put my right sock on, then my left sock on. I also put my shoes on from left to right. 

If you could go anywhere to live for the rest of your life where would it be?

Probably back to California. It’s a pretty awesome place.

Are the winters better or worse than you thought they’d be?

They weren’t as bad I don’t think, but I was still pretty cold, and I enjoy sunlight and being tan. So, it’s not the best, but it’s bearable.

What’s your go to birthday dinner?

Huge sushi fan, so Japanese food is my go to birthday dinner.

Greg Levinsky can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @GregLevinsky

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