Podcasts: Scarlet and White 2×32 – “Country Club”

Max Wolpoff is still undecided on where he wants to go for Grad School. Photo by Andrew Mason

The Edmonton Oilers missed the playoffs again this year and are now in the Draft Lottery drawing on Tuesday night. They have won the first overall pick four times in the 2010-2019 decade and have a chance to win it again and learn nothing from their mistakes.

Max Wolpoff and Andrew Mason run the simulation from tankathon.com to get their pick for who gets that coveted spot.

Alex Heinen finally set the program record in RBI for a career, so the guys can finally stop talking about how it has not happened yet. Softball also lost 1-0 for the fourth time this season back on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, Wrestlemania happened mostly on that day as it stretched into the early hours of Monday morning. Max stayed up to watch all of it.

With April comes time for playoffs in North American sports leagues. On top of the Men’s basketball National Championship game tonight, the NBA playoffs are finally coming into view. Most of the matchups are still in flux approaching the final two days of the season. Our hosts both agree on the team that will likely take the last seat at the table in the East.

0:00 Wrestlemania was too long

3:40 BU Sports rack up the wins

8:40 WTBU Bracket Challenge update

11:20 NHL Playoffs, coach hirings, and Lottery simulations

22:30 NBA Playoff picture coming into clearer view

28:20 Final thoughts

Author: Max Wolpoff

Max is in his final undergraduate year, and prefers not to be remembered for his now-infamous viral goal call (https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2016/12/12/boston-university-hockey-announcer-channels-john-walton-to-deliver-viral-goal-call/). Between classes, applying for law school, and working for the Worcester Blades, he co-hosts “Scarlet and White” and writes the “This Morning in Sports” column. Max is from the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. Follow Max on Twitter @Max_Wolpoff and on Instagram @maxwolpoff for the latest #MaxWolpoffSuitOfTheGame.

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