Podcasts: Fair or Foul Episode 5 – “Early Thoughts”

Jacob deGrom. Photo by Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons

Daniel, Jacob and Ben are back together to bring you the 5th episode of Fair or Foul where they’re breaking down the first week of the 2019 MLB season. From the hot starts of the Mariners, Rays and Phillies to the strangely cold starts of the Yankees, Braves, Astros and Red Sox, they’re covering it all here in episode 5. Check it out here!

Episode 5

0:00: Ben’s back and he’s here to talk Phillies

5:29 Daniel’s thoughts on the Yankees

13:29 Jacob’s Cardinals are off to a ‘meh’ start

15:29 Seattle and Boston: Two VERY unexpected starts

32:19 We’re all loving the Tampa Bay Rays right now

37:13 The New York Mets are coming out strong

40:40 The Astros and Cubs look horrible right now. That’s not good!!

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