Podcasts: Fair or Foul Episode 4 – “Opening Weekend”


With Ben Silver off in Philadelphia catching the Phillies’ opening weekend festivities, Daniel and Jacob are coming your way breaking down all of the highlights of the first weekend of the 2019 MLB season. Check it all out here:

Episode 4

0:00 No Ben today

0:42 The Cardinals and their wild opening games against Milwaukee (with some live updates)

7:59 What’s up with those Yankees

11:34 The Red Sox are off to just as slow of a start

14:34 The Mariners are defying all expectations right out of the gate

16:45: 2019 debuts, the good the bad and the worse!

22:53 So, those Phillies are looking pretty good after the first series

30:06 Lucas Giolito has a no-no going for the White Sox

32:25 The LA Dodgers’ Offensive explosion against the Diamondbacks

38:00 The Rays were all over the Astros

43:59 Giolito lost that no-no bid (insert sad emoji here)






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