Podcasts: Fair or Foul – “Pilot Episode”

Photo by Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons
In the very first episode of this baseball podcast, Daniel Multz, Ben Silver and Jacob Lintner are here to break down a bulk of the offseason. We’re talking all of the major contract extensions, the slowness of the offseason, the teams that did the most and had the best offseasons, and a special surprise packed in as well. If you like baseball and wanna check out an action-packed hour of baseball talk, then you’ll love Fair or Foul Episode 1.

CLICK HERE to access Episode 1 – “Pilot Episode”

0:00 The whole Bryce Harper Situation: who’s out, who’s still in and how he’ll affect each of those teams

12:13 The amount of long-term, team-friendly contract extensions that have been getting signed this offseason and the growing apparent opposition to hitting free agency

18:30 The effects of the luxury tax, the vast disparity between teams’ payrolls and the impact a stingy vs a generous owner can have on the team

28:15 The Winners and losers of the offseason

37:58 A major news story breaks ON AIR and Ben loses his mind!!

38:27 Back to the offseason!

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