Podcasts: WTBU Sports NHL Trade Deadline Recap

Patrick Donnelly and Brian Lombardo are back this week to recap an eventful NHL Trade Deadline, and give their thoughts and analysis of the day.

0:00 Who made the best moves?

12:09 Who should have done more at the deadline?

23:29 Our thoughts on the Bruins giving up on Ryan Donato, along with other Bruins thoughts after the deadline

29:25 Who will be most-affected long-term by the moves they made?

35:28 Who now poses a bigger threat for the postseason? (Pat’s answer: Columbus, was discussed in-depth before the question was asked)

43:!7 Which teams took the biggest risk? Where could it blow up in someone’s face?

1:00:01 Our final thoughts: what was the biggest steal of the deadline? What about the biggest overpay?

Author: Patrick Donnelly

Patrick is a freshman studying journalism at Boston University’s College of Communication. A graduate of Malden Catholic High School (’18). Patrick is a huge Boston sports fan and avid golfer, his favorite teams and athletes include, the Boston Bruins, the New England Patriots, Rory McIlroy, and Tiger Woods. Co-host of the podcast, Beantown Banter, at WTBU Sports. Covers the PGA, NHL, and Boston Bruins in columns and is a Women's Hockey beat writer for WTBU Sports. Formerly co-hosted podcasts and wrote for the blogs, 617 Sportsnet, Beantown Sportshub, and Game Time Sports Network. He aims to one day be a sports-talk radio host in Boston. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @PatDonn12.

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