Men’s Basketball 2017-2018: Top 5 Quotes from This Year’s Coverage


By: Greg Levinsky

The 2017-18 Academic Year is nearly over, and thus the athletic season as well. The Men’s Basketball team is already preparing for 2018-19, so here are the top 10 quotes from student-athletes and coaches this year.

5. “Camara, Armstrong and frickin’ Leissner, they’re as strong as a group as you’re going to come across. They controlled it right away and we kept trying to respond.” – Head Coach Joe Jones on a strong interior New Hampshire team.

4. “I got my rhythm and I just started rolling. Our offense looked like a well-oiled machine tonight.” – Senior guard Cedric Hankerson on his 33 point outing.

3.  “I like getting on the floor and getting dirty and bringing the energy.” – Sophomore forward Max Mahoney on his play style.

2. “Honestly, I just wanted to get out of there with a win and really upset the fans that were close to the court because they were talking to us individually and said some things that weren’t very nice. I felt like that was my way to get back at them, knock down some shots and give us the lead.” – Senior guard Eric Johnson on quieting the Bethune-Cookman crowd with a game-winning 3-pointer.

1. “Definitely any team from Pittsburgh. Just because I feel like they undermined me, they didn’t give me as a local kid a shot. Duquesne or Pitt for sure. I’d love to beat them and I’d love to beat them badly.” – Freshman guard Andrew Petcash on what team he would want to beat in an NCAA Tournament game.

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