Men’s Basketball: Q & A with 2022 Fletcher Tynen


By: Greg Levinsky

Standing at six-foot-five, Fletcher Tynen fits the prototypical Joe Jones mold for a Boston University men’s basketball wing. The Torrance, Calif. native inked his National Letter of Intent to join Boston University as a part of the class of 2022.

Tynen took the time to do a Q & A after his commitment, joining 2022 members Jordan Guest and Garrett Pascoe.

Greg Levinsky: Describe the way you play, is there any NBA player who you’d compare your game to?

Fletcher Tynen: I’d say I’m a jack of all trades. I try to do everything and anything to help my team to win. I don’t go out there and have a set goal to score 40 points or anything like that, I just want to do whatever it takes to win. I think now, watching him, I see myself in how Kelly Oubre plays. I like to think of myself as a slasher, but now this year I’m starting to work on my 3-point game a lot. This year in the NBA he’s really stepped that up in his game too. He also takes pride in defense.

GL: When did you first come in contact with BU and how did your relationship develop?

FT: I came in contact with Coach Curtis Wilson before the spring of my junior live period. He watched a workout of mine and he said he told Coach Jones that he liked me a lot. He came out to the Las Vegas tournament that I had, and after that Coach Jones said he loved what he saw.

GL: Who’s the toughest player or team you’ve ever faced whether it be high school or AAU hoops?

FT: I think the best player I’ve ever played against was Marvin Bagley because of the way he can score. His height helps, but I think he’s a great player. He’s pretty legit.

GL: What other schools were on your radar and what put BU over the top?

FT: Lehigh, Northeastern, Hawaii and Fordham. I think what really put BU over the top was Coach Jones and rest of the coaching staff. I could tell that they do things the right way and that’s really hard to find nowadays.

GL: Do you know any of BU’s current players or other recruits set to join next fall?

FT: I didn’t know any of the players there coming in, but on my official I met the guys and I felt good there. I know Jordan Guest. It’s funny because in fifth grade we used to hate each other and we’d always try to fight when we played against each other. In like seventh and eighth grade we started playing with each other and I think we really grew to respect one another. I didn’t know Garrett until this past summer until we played his club team. I thought really highly of him and how hard he played.

GL: What’s the thing you’re most looking forward to about coming to BU?

FT: Mostly the academics because they’re so great. The city is one of the best cities in the U.S. I think going across the country will help me grow as a human.

GL: When was your first dunk and how did it happen?

FT: I’d like to say my first dunk was back in eighth grade, I went up on two feet and tried to lay it up. But, I think in the way I timed the jump I just ended up dunking the ball. Everyone else started going crazy and I was too.

GL: If you could upset any team in the NCAA tournament down the road, who would it be and why?

FT: I’d say UCLA because I’m from right here. Everyone really hypes up UCLA.

GL: Did you ever play against any of the Ball brothers? How was that?

FT: I’ve played against all of them. I played against Lonzo two times. The way they played in high school is so weird. It’d keep teams off balance. I have a lot of respect for how Lonzo plays and how he sees the game. I think the other two will do well throughout college.

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