Men’s Basketball: Q & A with 2022 Garrett Pascoe


By: Greg Levinsky

A trio of Californians inked their National Letters of Intent on November 8 to join the Boston University Men’s Basketball team’s class of 2022.

Garrett Pascoe is a six-foot-three point guard from Concord, Calif. and the future Terrier took some time to chat after his commitment.

Greg Levinsky: Your highlight tape is titled “Is Garrett Pascoe the next Jason Williams? WITH BOUNCE,” where did that comparison come from? 

Garrett Pascoe: I think it just had to do with being a white point guard, there aren’t that many out there so I think that’s where it came from. The guy who gave me that nickname was this guy Brian who did my mixtape for me.

GL: Describe the way you play, who do you model your game after?

GP: I don’t really model my game after anyone specifically. I just try to make everyone around me better. Do whatever my teams needs me to do to win. If I need to get other people shots that’s what I’ll do and if I need to score, that’s what I’ll do.

GL: Who is the toughest player or team you’ve played against in AAU or high school hoops?

GP: Probably Marvin Bagley. It was in middle school, he was just head and shoulders above everybody else. We were trying our best to double and make sure he wasn’t scoring. He was more skilled then any big man I’d ever seen at that time.

GL: What other schools were on your radar and what put BU over the top?

GP: I talked with UC Davis, Towson, Cornell, Cal State Northridge, Princeton, Northern Arizona, but I loved Boston. The staff at BU is great and it’s a great conference to play in and ultimately the academics are phenomenal and I feel like this was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up on.

GL: How familiar are you with BU’s current team and other recruits in your class?

GP: I met some of the players when I played at BU’s elite camp over the summer. I haven’t been on my official visit yet so I haven’t met the whole team. I know Fletcher Tynen from down in Los Angeles. I played against him a couple of times this summer and I saw Jordan Guest play. I’m excited, they’re some good guys.

GL: When did you first come in contact with BU and how did your relationship evolve?

GP: I got in contact with Curtis Wilson towards the beginning of this past summer and he told me and wanted me to come out and play at their elite camp so I came out and played. I toured the campus a little bit, met some of the guys and the staff, that’s where it started. I was talking to some of the guys and the staff and Coach Jones for a little bit. I didn’t talk to him for that long, but I felt a pretty strong connection with the staff and felt they were relatable to me.

GL: What are you most looking forward to about moving across the country to the East Coast?

GP: I’m looking forward to being in a different culture. East Coast cities are a little different than West Coast cities. I’m looking forward to getting some snow. I’ve never lived in snow, but I’m kind of excited for that.

GL: If you were to upset any team in the NCAA Tournament, who would it be and why?

GP: I feel like I would love to upset a Duke or a Kentucky. Pretty much any number one seed because it never happens. I’d love to be a part of something like that, upsetting one of those power-house schools.

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