Men’s Basketball: Q&A With Sukhmail Mathon

By: Greg Levinsky

It has been nearly four weeks since the end of the Boston University Men’s Basketball season and it is time to look ahead to 2017-2018. The Terriers have a three man recruiting class including guards Walter Whyte, Javante McCoy and power forward Sukhmail Mathon. The 6’9 Mathon attends the Holderness School in Plymouth, New Hampshire and took the time to catch up for a Q&A.

Greg Levinsky: Describe your basketball game for the fans, do you have a player that you would compare yourself to?

Sukhmail Mathon: My game is not like a traditional big man. I have the ability to space the floor and shoot it on the perimeter as well as put it on the floor. I can score from either block, I can pass well. I don’t necessarily model my game after anyone, but I watch film on everyone and take parts of their game and amplify them in mine. I study all versatile big men such as Anthony Davis, Demarcus Cousins and Kevin Love.

GL: What made you choose Boston University? What other schools were you interested in?

SM: Other schools that I were looking at were Ivy League and Patriot League schools as well as Lasalle. I had the option of reclassifying back up and attending Kansas State but I declined because I knew my body needed another year to mature. If I waited, other schools would’ve offered but Boston University put me in the best chance to succeed on and off the court. Coach Jones and the rest of the staff built a great relationship with me by attending the majority of my games and constantly reaching out to me. Another thing is that Boston University is a good academic school which will definitely help me out in the long run.

GL: How did your relationship with BU start?

SM: “BU first started contacting me my junior year. They followed me throughout the school season and then they were my first athletic scholarship after the season ended. And then, they were constantly there for me. We’ve built a great relationship and they are constantly reaching out to me and my family and with showing their level of interest I knew it was the right choice.

GL: The Terriers are losing All-Patriot League Second Team honoree Justin Alston, how will you be able to take over for him?

SM: I believe this is a great opportunity. Obviously Justin was one of the key players to the team and definitely a great player. I’m ready to do whatever it takes to ensure that my team wins.

GL: Growing up did you play any other sports, or do you have a favorite sport besides basketball?

SM: As a kid I used to play mini-football. I still like watching football and I used to watch the Philadelphia Eagles.

GL: Is there anyone on the team that you are really looking forward to getting to know, or do you know any of the current players well?

SM: During my visit I met everyone and they all seemed like nice guys and were very welcoming. I mostly spent my time with the younger guys and established a good relationship with them. A good friendship with Destin Barnes, Tyler Scanlon and Max Mahoney. I look forward to hanging out with all the players because they’re going to be my new family. We’ll see a lot of each other the next few years.

GL: At 6’9 you will be the tallest player on the roster next season, does that put any extra pressure on you to perform at the center spot?

SM: Obviously the tallest player has to be playing the center position. I’m willing to get every rebound, block every shot and just do whatever they need to win the game. There’s definitely a lot of room for improvement. I need to fill out my frame and get more weight because at the next level there are bigger, faster and stronger guys.

GL: You were ranked two spots ahead of Javante in the NERR New Hampshire 2017 rankings, who would win in one-on-one?

SM: Rankings wise, I don’t really look at them because I think that’s all biased. I never look at that as being as a player. I think everything get do is earned. Obviously I’m going to say I’m going to win the game but we are different positions so you never know who would win.

GL: After spending a year in Plymouth, New Hampshire what are you looking forward to about going to school in a big city?

SM: Holderness school is in the middle of nowhere, so it’ll be nice to get out of the prep school area in New Hampshire where I’ve been the last three years. A big city will be nice, a lot more space and a lot more things to do and see.

GL: What do you plan on studying at BU? Is there a specific occupation that you look forward to having after your basketball career is over?

SM: I’m undecided right now but I know I will be able to locate my career interests because that’s what I will do for a majority of my life time. I put a lot of emphasis on my school work because my parents always taught me education comes first.

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