2017 Beanpot: What does it mean to play in this Tournament?

By: Dan Shulman

With so many Beanpot participants coming from the New England area, there is a special connection both players and coaches share through this tournament. Quite simply, there is nothing quite like playing in the Beanpot. So much more is on the line than a trophy. It’s about pride, city bragging rights, and living out childhood dreams. In order to fully grasp the meaning of playing in this tournament, just ask the team captains and coaches what they think…

Jerry York – Head Coach – Boston College

“I think it’s one of the highlights of our year, for all of us. But being a local guy it kind of means an awful lot. Growing up watching it and having a chance to play in it is similar to what [Boston University Head Coach] Dave [Quinn] went through. The same experience makes it special. The kids picked it up really well. I kind of kid that the Super Bowl is in Houston on Sunday and it comes right here on Monday. That’s how important it is for our teams and our schools.”

Doyle Somerby – Sr. Captain – Boston University

“I don’t think you realize how special it is until you actually take the ice for it. Local guys understand because they grow up coming to it. But when you’re not from around here it definitely takes the first ten minutes or so of the game to kind of grasp the full concept of it. It’s really unique and special because no one else has this.”

Tommy Kelley – Sr. – Boston University

“Just being able to play here in the Garden, especially being a local guy growing up around here, basically coming every year to the Beanpot. Whether my dad was taking me out of school early or we were rushing in here and finding tickets at the last minute, it’s definitely something very special to me.”

Alexander Kerfoot – Sr. Captain – Harvard

“I think that it’s pretty special. It’s a thing that gets a lot of national headlines, national spotlight. Obviously in the Boston area it’s huge amongst our schools. We haven’t had that much success since I’ve been here but it’s something that we look forward to every year. You definitely circle these games on the calendar. It means a lot to the graduates of our school and the alumni so hopefully we can have a little more success this year.”

John Stevens – Sr. – Northeastern

“Definitely something you look forward to every year like no other. It means so much to every school so just seeing how passionate our fans are makes it mean that much more.”

Author: Dan Shulman

A New Englander at heart, Dan is a sports contributor for Heavy.com covering the New England Patriots primarily among other sports. He has written for the Boston Globe since 2014 with a focus on local sports, and has contributed to SB Nation, FanSided, Inside Hockey, New England Soccer Journal, and WEEI. Follow him on Twitter @DanielRShulman.

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