PLUS/MINUS: Four Takeaways from BU vs. Denver

BU v Denver

By: Dan Shulman

  • Costly Turnovers

Time and time again, the Terriers have committed costly turnovers deep in their defensive zone. Saturday against Denver was no different. Twice, turnovers allowed the Pioneers to get pucks past BU goalie Connor LaCouvee. It nearly cost the Terriers the win, but thanks to LaCouvee’s valiant third period, BU was able to stay with Denver. However, turnovers have become a trend for BU, and certainly not a good one. BU needs to reduce the amount of giveaways they commit, and in turn, goals for their opponents will be at a premium.

  • Penalties, Penalties, Penalties

Penalties are a part of hockey, and each game will feature a few. However, BU continues to commit untimely infractions. Although the penalty kill was sharp on Saturday, the Terriers took two penalties directly after scoring, shifting momentum as quick as the Terriers had gained it. The penalties continue to pile up each game, and it costs BU the chance to carry momentum for extended periods of time. This trend has lasted all year, and the Terriers need to reduce the amount of penalties they commit each game.

  • Clear Out the Front of the Net

Another difficulty BU has faced this season is clearing loose pucks in front of their own net. Twice on Saturday, Denver capitalized on poor clearance efforts in the BU crease, slamming in rebound efforts for goals. This problem concerns both defensemen failing to clear bodies and pucks from the net mouth, as well as the goalie for giving up rebounds and being unable to control rebounds. As the season progresses, this problem will alleviate itself. In the meantime, BU will have to find ways to limit the amount of loose pucks in the crease.

  • Slow Starts Remedied

Yet another BU game saw a goal come in the first two minutes. Only this time, it was the Terriers striking early. Starting the third forward line of A.J. Greer, Bobo Carpenter, and Robbie Baillargeon, BU came out firing. Despite losing the opening faceoff, BU was the sharper team in the early goings, and it paid off immediately, as Ryan Cloonan found the back of the net for the third time this season. A simple fix, the Terriers have finally found a way to come out of the gates fast.

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