PLUS/MINUS: Four Takeaways from BU vs. UConn on Tuesday

BU v UConn

By: Dan Shulman

  • Road Woes

For the second time this season the Terriers lost a road game. Having yet to win away from home, BU has been outscored 10-5 by its opponents. Half of BU’s goals allowed have come on the power play. Penalties are the route of the problem, but there is much more. It seems the Terriers are playing much less calm than they do at home. The opposing crowds have really gotten to the young BU team, and it has led to Terriers playing worse than they should be.

  • No More Penalties

UConn scored four power play goals against BU on Tuesday as the Terriers made eight trips to the box. It was only a matter of time before the Terriers’ lack of discipline would come to hurt them. This was a wake-up call for BU, who has been able to play physical and disciplined over the past couple games. The Terriers cannot afford to continue taking multiple penalties, as teams will make them pay.

  • Defensive Zone Breakdowns

Another reoccurring issue, for the Terriers, is breakdowns by the defense. Lapses in focus have led to poor coverage and costly turnovers this season. Tuesday night was no different. A turnover in the defensive zone led to UConn’s only even-strength goal of the night. There were numerous instances of poor coverage by the Terriers, as BU goalie Connor LaCouvee sprawled to keep pucks out of the net. The BU defense left UConn forwards uncovered deep in the defensive zone. If this continues, the Terriers won’t be on the winning end of games for too much longer.

  • Special Teams Collapse

The BU special teams units both faltered against UConn. Allowing four power play goals was a blip for a talented penalty kill unit. It shouldn’t be cause for too much concern, but the penalty kill must improve. The power play also suffered on the night, converting only one out of six chances. The Terriers need to step it up on the man-advantage to capitalize on opposing mistakes.

Author: Dan Shulman

A New Englander at heart, Dan is a sports contributor for covering the New England Patriots primarily among other sports. He has written for the Boston Globe since 2014 with a focus on local sports, and has contributed to SB Nation, FanSided, Inside Hockey, New England Soccer Journal, and WEEI. Follow him on Twitter @DanielRShulman.

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